Witness in 2019 Central Washington homicide said she can’t remember earlier statements | Local

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Richard Wayne Plumlee III’s girlfriend told a jury she couldn’t remember telling Yakima police that her nephew killed her boyfriend at a North First Street motel.

Sheila Martin, who had a stroke two months ago, told a Yakima County Superior Court jury Monday she also didn’t recall seeing Joshua James Glazier raise his arm just before Plumlee was fatally shot, even though she told police that was what happened Dec. 17, 2019, at the Yakima Inn.

Glazier, 29, is charged with second-degree murder and second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm in the death of Plumlee, a 43-year-old farrier from Roy.

Yakima police officers responding to the motel at 1022 N. First St. found Martin kneeling next to Plumlee’s body in the motel parking lot shortly before 10:20 p.m. that night.

Plumlee was taken to Astria Regional Medical Center, where he died from a single gunshot wound. Yakima County Coroner Jim Curtice testified Monday that an autopsy found the bullet went on a downward trajectory across Plumlee’s chest, damaging a major artery and causing him to bleed to death.

Curtice said the autopsy determined that Plumlee was a homicide victim.

In testimony Thursday, one of the arriving Yakima police officers and the motel’s manager testified that Martin told them that her nephew had shot her boyfriend.

But on the stand Monday, Martin was less certain of who fired the shot. She first invoked her Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate herself when she was asked if she recalled the night Plumlee died.

Judge Jeffery Swan instructed Martin to answer the question after Martin said she was not facing legal trouble if she answered the questions.

“I don’t want to be here,” Martin said.

Swan barred Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Brian Aaron from asking if Martin had been in contact with family members who were supportive of Glazier. Those family members were seated in the courtroom gallery.

Under questioning from Aaron, Martin said that Plumlee and Glazier were “fussing” about $10 that Glazier owed Plumlee. That argument went on for an hour, Martin said, before Plumlee, Glazier and her grandson left the room.

Martin said that her grandson had a shotgun, while Glazier had a handgun. Martin said Plumlee left the room first.

But Detective Drew Shaw, the lead investigator in the case, testified Monday that Martin told him in February 2020 that Plumlee stepped out of the room to talk to her grandson, while Glazier was in the room and raised his arm just before the gunshot was heard.

Martin, when asked by Aaron why she had earlier said Glazier shot Plumlee, said that she was “mad.”

“What were you so mad about that you would say that?” Aaron asked.

“He (Plumlee) got shot. They were fussing.”

Shaw also played video from a nearby business that showed the motel parking lot at the time of the shooting. In the video, one person comes out of the room, a second person stands in the doorway of the room, and the first person moves down the sidewalk while the second person walks into the parking lot and collapses while a third person comes running out of the room and toward the motel office and North First Street. Then, the video shows a fourth person come out and walk over to the second person who was laying in the parking lot, with police arriving seconds later.

The trial, which began Jan. 3 with jury selection, was scheduled for 10 days.

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