Pasco Fire Department offers Christmas tree safety tips | News

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PASCO, Wash. – 


This is the season to decorate your Christmas tree and hang those lights.


Christmas tree shopping is a tradition in most households, but there’s something you should look out for when finding your perfect tree.  


Pasco Fire Department’s Ben Shearer says there are signs to look for when Christmas tree shopping.


Shearer says “Give the tree you’re looking at a little shake, see if any of the needles are already falling off. If it’s already losing needles then it’s already dying out. So that’s going to be an indication that you already have a tree that’s dying out and it’s going to be a problem.”



You need to make sure you get a fresh cut on the bottom of the tree stump as soon as you buy it.


You also need to get it into the water, even if you’re not ready to set it up in your house yet.


Shearer says you do this because when you cut the stump the tree will start soaking up water and you need to make sure you’re checking the water daily so the tree and depending on the size of the tree you might need gallons of water.


The Umatilla County Fire District says to remember to unplug the lights from your Christmas tree before you go to bed or leave your home.

'Tis the season to practice fire safety


Shearer also says most Christmas tree fires aren’t the actual tree, but the decorations.


He says “There are lots of places to buy decorations anymore. There are lots of websites that will sell you stuff from all over the world, and you can get it pretty cheap, but that doesn’t mean that it’s really safe to use.


Remember to check the lights for any false contact and keep anything flammable away.

Article Source: Mid-Columbia Insurance Agency