Kennewick Fire Department and The Red Cross hand out smoke alarms to Tri-Cities R-V Park | News

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The Kennewick Fire Department partnering with The Red Cross, going door to door today giving out and installing smoke alarms at the Tri-Cities R-V Park as part of their Sound the Alarm campaign.


The Kennewick Fire Department responded to three different fires at the Tri-Cities RV Park this year, one of them fatal.


Today KFD and the Red Cross partnered up to hand out and install smoke alarms to the R-V park residents and provided them resources for fire safety.


One local resident Dawn Wireman says “I know there’s a lot of people in this park that could benefit from it. I was actually one of them because I had a fire alarm that stopped working and haven’t gotten one yet.”


Daniel Reynolds is another resident  in the neighborhood who got a smoke alarm installed and says “My wife is the only person in the house and when I’m gone all the time…I want her safe.”


Kennewick Fire Chief Chad Michael says being proactive about fire safety is a must.


Chief Michael says “As the temperatures start getting lower, we see people using all sorts of heating devices that maybe they traditionally don’t use like, space heaters, they start up a fireplace that they don’t have properly serviced. So let’s just make sure we’re all fire safe.”


According to Chief Michael, GESA Credit Union donated $5,000 in 2020 to help the fire department provide alarms for people who don’t have them. 


If you need help with a fire alarm or need help installing them, you can call your local fire department for help getting one installed.


Chief Michael says a fire alarm can save your life.


Wireman says more programs like this would help her feel safe in her home.

Article Source: Mid-Columbia Insurance Agency