City road crews respond to winter storm in Tri-Cities | News

Source: NBC RightNow



Snow plows are out in the City of Kennewick and crews will work throughout the night when necessary.

According to Evelyn Lusignan, Public Relations and Customer Service Manager for Kennewick, crews plow and de-ice the main roads and hilly areas first and the temperature determines what goes on the roads.

Salt and sand go on ice and Kennewick is managing its salt supply to make it through the current winter storm and the remaining winter months

Snow plow operators also stay in touch with police and respond to trouble spots on the roads with sand and salt.


Crews with the City of Pasco are also out working to clear streets.

John Millan, Deputy Public Works Director for Pasco says that deicer is being applied to feeder and arterial streets to prevent icing.

Article Source: Mid-Columbia Insurance Agency